Perfect poached eggs!

This is my current favourite post work-out treat; I love getting some protein and carbs in my diet and this meal is unbelievably quick and tasty!

You will need the following food items:



Your choice of spread (I personally favour an olive spread but this is completely up to you!)

Vinegar (malt is perfectly fine)

And you will need the following utensils:

A small pot

A small bowl

A spoon with draining holes

(And a plate and cutlery for the actual consumption of the eggs)

1)Get your small sauce pan and fill just over half of it with water

2)Add about 4 drops of vinegar to the water (the vinegar helps the egg white to tick together, but be careful not to add too much or your eggs will smell like a fish and chip shop!)

3)Carefully crack your eggs into the small bowl, making sure you don’t break the yolks

4)Gently add your eggs to the water

5)Put your bread in the toaster (I like my toast slightly brown and my eggs soft so this timing works for me, but adjust as necessary)

6)After ~3 minutes the eggs and the toast should be done. Remove the toast and butter as desired

7)Using a spoon with drainage holes, carefully remove them from the pot and place them on the toast

8)Season to taste, and enjoy!

I’ve been poaching eggs using this method for over a decade, and can cook them in less than five minutes. It’s a lovely indulgent treat to have, especially post work-out!




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