Kaniji Kapetern Discover trail shoes review

When reading up on what to wear for an obstacle race, I saw that most people recommended trail shoes. As I didn’t already own a pair, and didn’t fancy wrecking my normal running shoes in the mud, I decided to go on the hunt for a pair. I was looking for them to fulfil 3 primary criteria:

  1. Be supportive
  2. Have plenty of grip
  3. To be affordable

I was in decathlon, getting running tops for my team when I came across the kaniji kapetern discover women’s trail shoes (http://www.decathlon.co.uk/kapteren-discover-women-id_8295050.html). I tried them on, and to my surprise I found that they fit my awkwardly shaped extremely narrow feet very well! Due to the shape of my feet (long and thin) and my overpronation, I usually find shoe shopping a big problem so I was blown away to feel how well these fitted and just how stable they felt. Best of all, they were only £12.99! I am often sceptical when things look too good to be true, but I must admit that these shoes have exceeded all my expectations.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 21.57.02
Not too shabby to look at either! The black makes my large feet look (slightly) smaller and I love the pink detailing!

I wore them for all my training sessions pre-rough runner, to get used to them and to try to break them in. They do feel extremely supportive whilst running, although the change in feeling between running in my normal trainers and these did take some getting used to. The difference is particularly noticeable on hard ground such as Tarmac (obviously trail shoes are meant to be used on mud and grass, but I have to walk/run in Tarmac to get to my local park).

The tracks of the trail shoes collect mud and grass (as all trail shoes do), particularly when the ground is soft and wet. It’s worth being aware of this, just so you don’t get home after a run and absent minded it tred mud into the carpet!

The shoes performed really well on the day, making it easy to walk/run up muddy paths due to the grip on the soles. They were slightly slippery when soaking wet, but I think that most other shoes would suffer with this problem given the conditions.

For the price, you really can’t go wrong with this pair of shoes. I don’t know how long they would last for someone racking up serious mileage trail running, but for a runner like me, who only occasionally does it, they are perfect. After my race, they were given a thorough clean, which they have survived and I look forward to using them for more trail running!

In summary, I think these would be great for:

  • novice trail/OCR runners
  • walkers
  • women with narrow feet
  • those with a tight budget

But not so good for:

  • women with wider feet
  • advanced trail/OCR runners
  • running in very waterlogged area

I hope this has been helpful, see you on my next post!



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