Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra review

You’ll know from reading previous posts, that I’m a big fan of Shock Absorber’s sports bras. As they last for so long, my ones from 3 years ago are still going strong, so I’ve not had much cause to buy new ones. However, I decided to treat myself, because what else encourages you to work out more that new clothes?

After reading many reviews online, and getting a recommendation from my sister who loved hers, I decided to give the “Ultimate Run Bra” a go. I thought that the bra might be reasonably supportive, but ultimately I would prefer the old style ones. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When it arrived, I put it on, noticing how well it fit. I then jumped and jogged a little and was shocked to see how little movement there was. Finally, a sports bra that keeps everything where it’s supposed to be whilst actually looking good!

Some have said online that they find it fiddly to get on and off, but I can’t honestly say that it’s been a problem for me. The bra has 2 fastenings, the hooks at the bottom and an extra clasp at the top (see the picture below). I simply fasting the bottom hooks (like you would on a normal bra) then fasten the top clasp when the bra is on correctly. Perhaps I just have hyper flexible shoulders though!

Here’s my back, and the two clasps.
Still in awe at this! Where have my FFs gone?

I bought mine off ebay for £19.16, and I have to say that it’s possibly the best £19.16 I have ever spent.  I’m slightly in love with it and I feel so much more confident in it when I’m out now. I’m sure that this can only help my running performances, and I can’t wait to set some new PBs in it!

Until next time!




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