Aldi fitness haul! 

I have long been a fan of the discount German supermarket chain and love to see what the up and coming special buy offers will be, so I was excited to see that Aldi would be selling fitness clothing, starting from the 9th August (until stocks run out!). Buying clothing for working out can be expensive, and as a soon to be drama student, I need to save all the money I can! I headed down to the local store this morning with my dad and my boyfriend, and came away with this haul:

In total they purchased 1 pair of men’s shorts (boyfriend’s) and 1 pack  of men’s socks (dad’s). I bough 1 pair of women’s leggings, a fitness top and 2 packets of kinesiology tape. I have used kinesio tape on many injuries before and swear by it, so this seemed like a good time to stock up, particularly since the packets were only £3.49 each. I wasn’t in desperate need for  leggings and tops but figured that at £7.99 and £4.99 each it wouldn’t hurt to stock up on an extra set!

My purchases! In total, just under £20!

The leggings fit pretty well, I bought them in a size small (I wear a size 8-10 normally), and they didn’t feel too tight. The fabric is nice and soft, and having just come back from a long run in them, I can confirm that it is breathable too. The material is slightly thin, so I wouldn’t advise wearing brightly coloured pants underneath these, but then I wouldn’t with most leggings as they all tend to be slightly translucent. My favourite bit of them is the pink panelling down the sides, purely because of how nice the colour is.

I was more excited about the top, especially because of the bright colours, but I actually preferred the leggings in the end. This is purely because I felt the cut of it was slightly unflattering just by the armpits (see the picture below!). However, it was also incredibly comfortable and fit well too (also a size small). It definitely delivered on its promise to wick away body moisture. I felt pretty comfortable in both the leggings and the top whilst out on a long (12km) run today and they both survived the run!

I don’t have much need for the kinesio tape right this moment, so there’s little point in me using it and reviewing for you. The tape isn’t pre-cut like some brands, but instead is in a 5cm x 5m roll. It comes with a handy instruction sheet, showing you different taping techniques for different areas of the body, in case you are new to kinesio taping. Considering I usually pay about £7 for a similar roll, I’m pretty pleased with the value of these rolls, hence why I bought 2!

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the products I bought from Aldi today. The quality looks to be good and the value is outstanding. If you’re interested in these products, I’d advise heading to Aldi soon as I know their special buy products don’t last for long!

For more info, from Aldi themselves, please check out their website!

Until next time!


NB. This post is not sponsored by Aldi, I spent my own money on these products and genuinely like them


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