Drama school progress update 

If you’ve only started reading my blog recently, then you might not be aware that I have just started my first year at drama school, studying musical theatre. As a result of this, my posts are becoming slightly more erratic but I hope this will settle with time. So far it’s been tiring, hectic and brilliant!

As my body (and voice) are now my career, I’ve been putting even more effort into looking after them recently. For the most part, my knee is on the mend, although I still get the occasional painful twinge from it. Thankfully, it seems to be handling 4 lots of dance classes per week plus body conditioning and general fitness.

My voice has been slightly more problematic though. During my time at university I got freshers flu each year, without fail. Drama school proved no different; it would seem that the combination of new peoples’ germs, regular tube travel and the start of the “cold” season meant it was inevitable that I would catch a cold too. At first I thought, rather optimistically that I might be able to sweat out my cold and get over the worst of it in a day or two, but it ended up taking me about a week to fully recover. Having a cold not only made me feel miserable, but it made me sound truly miserable as well.

Unfortunately my vocal woes haven’t ended with getting rid of my cold. My acid reflux is affecting the sound of my singing voice, creating a raspy tone to it. This is something I desperately want to get under control, and I’m going to go see my GP about monitoring my progress. I am happy to report that the staff at my drama school couldn’t be more supportive about my issues. No-one wants to get it under control more than me, but I’d say that the staff come a close second in wanting me to recover properly. I’m also going to start an elimination diet soon, to see if my reflux is triggered by any common food allergens. I’ll document this all  on here later, when I have some actual results!

I hope this post will prove interesting and/or useful to some of you out there, perhaps some of you thinking of going to drama school yourself! Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, and I’ll do my best to try and answer them.

Until next time!




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