A day in the life of a Musical Theatre student!

I’ve been at drama school studying Musical Theatre for just over a month now, and the best way for me to describe it is INTENSE! I know that each drama school and their course are very different, but I thought it might be interesting for you to see what a typical day for me looks like!

6:30  I wake up, get dressed and have some breakfast. I could wake up a lot later, but I don’t like to rush in the mornings so enjoy being able to take my time. On a day when I have a lot of physical exercise, I’ll normally have something like porridge for breakfast, with protein powder, granola and a bit of fruit to help power me through the day!


7:50 I leave my house, and stroll to the station to get the tube. Again, I could leave later but if I leave at this time then I can usually get a seat rather than being crammed onto a later train. Also this allows a little leeway in case any services are disrupted, which is all too frequent an occurrence in London!

8:30 I get to my drama school and prepare for the day ahead. This involves going through my locker and finding the necessary scripts, dance shoes and music for the day’s classes. After this, I head to registration for 8:55

9:00 Physical warm up begins. We do a warm up every day and it incorporates a mixture of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises to make sure we’re warmed up and ready for the day ahead. After I finish this, I usually do some further stretching in the studio as I’m trying to improve my flexibility.

9:30 Classes begin, and I have speech first. We focus on correct breathing technique and phonetic pronunciations of words. I love how all our classes help each other, and this is no exception- I can’t think of a better way to start the day! After my class finishes, we have a 20 minute break. I like to have a little snack here to keep my energy levels up and the pangs of hunger at bay such as an apple, carrot sticks and hummus or some dried fruit.

11:20 My next class, ensemble singing begins. This is quite different to speech, but again both classes help each other. I enjoy singing with other people as the past year I’ve mostly sung by myself, prepping for drama school auditions so it’s nice to be doing something fun with others for a change!

12:40 Lunch time! Most days, I only dance in the morning so I like to have a big lunch with lots of carbs and protein in to reward myself with! However, on this day I have dance in the afternoon and because of my acid reflux I don’t like to eat a huge amount just before I work out. Typically, I’d have a wrap for lunch or a pasta dish but not a ridiculously big helping!

 13:40 I now have ballet, which is one of my favourite classes. Although I did ballet for many years as a child, I haven’t danced much since so am in the lowest ability group. This suits me fine though, I find the class incredibly enjoyable and love pushing myself in it. We spend most of the lesson at the barre which also suits me due to my, quite frankly, appalling balance!

15:00 I have a private singing lesson with my teacher, in which we work on various exercises to strengthen my voice and discuss repertoire that would suit me.

15:30 My final class of the day is fitness bootcamp! I’m very glad we have it last as you really work up a sweat and I wouldn’t fancy doing that first thing! It usually involves a mixture of running and strength exercises such as press ups and tricep dips.

16:40 Classes finish for the day and I pack up my bags and head home, ready to repeat the routine the next day!

Throughout the day I also drink a tonne of water, I normally try to consume at least 2 litres, preferably 3. Since I’ve started at drama school, I have definitely felt a huge positive change in the way I feel physically, and I hope it will continue and that I will get stronger and fitter! I hope this post has proved interesting to you curious about what goes on at drama school!



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