Introduction to the Elimination diet!

As I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions, I suffer with a condition called laryngopharyngeal reflux (sometimes known as silent reflux). Essentially, a mixture of my food and stomach acid occasionally travels back up my throat after I’ve eaten. As you would expect, this causes a variety of problems as the delicate tissues in your throat are not supposed to deal with this! Annoyingly in my case, it not only causes pain but seems to have irritated my larynx and so is affecting my speaking and singing voice too. Like many other sufferers out there, I have tried many things to stop it happening including prescription medication, over the counter supplements as well as being tested for certain conditions that could be triggering it. However none of these have come to fruition, but I was told that an underlying food allergy or intolerance could be triggering my reflux. I purchased a book entilted ” the elimination diet” by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre a few months ago, in the hope of following the methodology within the book and determining if a particular type of food triggers my reflux.

The process consists of three stages;

1)an initial detox (I am not normally a fan of this word but I understand the reason for its usage here) to calm the digestive system. This stage lasts only 2 days and during it I just consumed home made green smoothies and soups.

2) an elimination phase. For approximately 2 weeks I only ate meals that didn’t contain any of the main allergens (so no dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, citrus, night shades, sesame or corn!).

3) a reintroduction phase. One by one, each potential allergen is reintroduced into my diet so I can gauge my body’s reaction to it!

I’m planning on blogging my experiences on the elimination diet here, so I can keep up to date with how I feel on it. I also hope that it may prove helpful to any of you out there with similar issues! Here goes!



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