Elimination diet: days 3-5

Day 3:

By the end of day 2 of the elimination diet, I was getting extremely excited about the prospect of having solid food again! When i woke up on Monday morning, I practically leapt out of bed and ran to the kitchen to have breakfast. Normally I’d have something filling like porridge for breakfast on a Monday, but since that wasn’t an option I decided to make coconut quinoa porridge (topped with a little fruit), following a recipe in my elimination diet book. This was pretty tasty, but definitely felt unusual as I’m not used to eating quinoa as part of a sweet meal. I pretty much always take a packed lunch to drama school, and given how restrictive my diet is at the moment, I don’t have much choice but to continue doing so. I had an oven baked salmon fillet, served with kale and sweet potato, which was delicious. That evening I had chicken, spinach, roasted butternut squash and sweet potato with brown rice for dinner. All in all it was a pretty good day for food! I definitely ought to have been drinking more, especially with it being a training day as I did feel slightly dehydrated, but it felt brilliant to be eating normal food again!


Day 4:

As Tuesdays tend to be a much less physical day for me, I opted for a lighter breakfast and had a smoothie made from kale, berries, mango and a banana. For lunch, I took in my leftover chicken, vegetables and rice from Monday’s dinner into drama school. I then decided to experiment by making something I’d never made before; a stew! I followed the recipe in the book for the moroccan stew, editing it slightly to accommodate the vegetables I had in my kitchen. I ended up with a delicious stew made from carrots, courgettes, red cabbage and chickpeas. To get some extra carbs in (because I live for carbs!) I also added some leftover rice which bulked up my soup. I can’t say that it tasted particularly “Moroccan” (although I really wouldn’t know) but I did enjoy eating it, so it’ll definitely be a recipe I repeat in the future. Overall, I felt pretty well, with plenty of energy, although I did have a slight sore throat in the morning.


Day 5:

For breakfast I had another smoothie as well as a bit of leftover quinoa porridge. The sore throat I experienced the day before was slightly better this day, which was encouraging. For lunch I had some leftover stew from the previous day, again with rice which tasted almost as good second time round. As I get quite peckish during the course of the day at drama school, especially when I have a very dance-heavy day, I snacked on dried apricots and figs (preservative free!). On the way home, I thought about Wagamama’s and began to really crave their chicken katsu currry. Obviously I can’t eat that right now, but I decided to make my own version, using the ingredients I had at my disposal. IMG_6961I only had turkey at home, so used a turkey breast instead of chicken. I’m sure there’s a way to coat a turkey/chicken breast in wheat free breadcrumbs without using egg but a)I don’t know how to do it  and b)I didn’t have any breadcrumbs I could use at the time so I opted just to oven bake my turkey.

I made the sauce from cooking and mashing carrots, sweet potato, cumin, ginger, garlic and coriander with a bit of coconut milk. This was the bit of the meal I was most proud of as it really tasted terrific! I couldn’t use soy sauce so it obviously wasn’t going to taste exactly like Wagamama’s but I loved how it turned out.

I also cooked white jasmine rice, adding a little coconut milk for extra flavour and some spinach to get some extra vegetable goodness into my meal.

By the end of these three days, I felt pretty good. Only a few small cold symptoms (which, to be honest, were probably just a cold) and I felt a lot less bloated than usual. Hopefully this continues!

Until next time!




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