Elimination diet: Days 6-7

Day 6:

I started day 6 with another green smoothie,  made from spinach, mango, banana, berries and flaxseed. Breakfast was otherwise largely uneventful, and I followed it up with some mid morning snacks of pumpkin seeds and dried apricots.

For lunch, I had some leftover “katsu-esque” curry and rice, but possibly had too much to eat as I did have a slight stomach ache after. As I’d been unaffected by it the day before, I put this down to my own lack of portion control rather than a reaction to what ought to have been a very neutral meal.

For dinner I also had leftovers; opting for the morrocan stew. I decided to be creative and have some carbs with my soup in the form of rice flour tortillas. There is a recipe for these in the elimination diet book, however the combination of my lack of tortilla press/rolling pin and my frequent poor execution of recipes meant that these rice tortillas were more like thick (american) rice pancakes. Still they were perfectly edible, so I heartily consumed them!

Day 7:

Once again, day 7 started with a green smoothie (see above). Nothing out of the ordinary to report here, other than the fact I’m getting surprisingly used to having a liquid breakfast.

Lunch consisted of leftover soup and rice bread, as well as a little leftover rice and katsu sauce. I also snacked throughout the day on dried figs, seeds and an apple.

For dinner, I had a meal cooked by my mother! I had some ackee and saltfish (possibly not strictly elimination diet friendly but it’s the Jamaican national dish so I’ll let it slide…) and roast chicken with carrots, broccoli, sweet potato and rice. She even went the extra mile and made me a dessert of elimination diet friendly apple crumble (who knew coconut flour was so delicious?). Can’t thank you enough for this one mum!

After a week of being on the elimination diet, I definitely felt like I was struggling, but noticeably less than I had been during the first two days. I definitely need to focus more on being hydrated though!

Until next time!



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