Elimination diet: days 8-14

Day 8:

Breakfast was the usual smoothie (banana, cucumber, spinach, frozen berries and flaxseed), as I wanted something light to balance out my feeling of overindulgence from the night before. My digestive system felt largely fine, although I did experience a slight sore throat in the morning.

For lunch, I had some home-made vegetable soup, along with some bread that my mum had made from coconut flower (thanks!). I’m still not quite sure what exactly to make of coconut flower; I love the smell and taste, but I find it to be a sticky flour and consequently quite hard to use.

I finished off my day with a stir fry of rice noodles, turkey breast, carrots, garlic and ginger.

Day 9:

Another smoothie for breakfast (same as the day before) but this time accompanied by some avocado, lettuce and a rice tortilla wrap. The elimination diet book had a wonderful sounding recipe for tortilla wraps made from brown rice flour. Excited to try this, I eagerly blended some brown rice to make the flour. I then followed the recipe for the tortillas, but I just couldn’t manage to get them to anything near the required thinness. I don’t own a tortilla press, or indeed a rolling pin so I had to attempt to flatten the dough with my hands, ending up with something that resembled more of a pancake than a wrap! Any attempts to flatten it further merely resulted in it crumbling, so I decided to wrap it up (with the avocado) in a lettuce leaf instead. The result? A tasty and nutritious vegetable based meal with a carby kick to it. Excellent!

Lunch consisted of leftover stir fry from the previous day. Nothing to really report here, other than the fact I appear to be totally useless at cooking rice noodles and preventing them sticking together. Please send any advice regarding this on a postcard to me!

Dinner was a favourite of mine from the book; sweet potato and kale hash, with added chopped carrots and white rice. So far this process has taught me that I have a fast developing addiction to sweet potato…I fear for what will happen when they are no longer in season.IMG_7003.jpg

Day 10: 

As I had made rather a lot of tortilla flour on day 9, I had plenty left over and was able to have some for breakfast on day 10 as well. Once again, this was largely uneventful, barring my usual inability to make a tortilla.

I took some leftover sweet potato hash to drama school for my lunch, along with some rice, and enjoyed it almost as much as when it was freshly made. Additionally, I snacked on some leftover coconut bread slices and dried figs throughout the day.

I had something of a soup craving, so decided to make another “Moroccan” vegetable stew. To carb it up (carbs are life), I also added some leftover brown rice to make the meal feel more substantial.

Day 11:

Breaking from the previous 2 days rather elaborate breakfasts, I elected to have a green smoothie again. Nothing particularly exciting to mention here; it was my usual spinach, kale, banana, berry and flaxseed affair.

Lunch was leftovers from day 10 of vegetable stew and brown rice, and as I had made a silly amount on day 10, I also had some for dinner. I did jazz up my evening meal slightly by also cooking sweet potato fries to have alongside it, because why not?

Day 12:

For breakfast I fancied something porridge-esque, but was faced with the problem of not being able to eat my usual oats and not wanting to cook quinoa for 20 minutes (seems like a lifetime though!). The book listed a recipe for “creamy rice cereal” which seemed to be a promising alternative, made from boiling brown rice flour. I was a bit concerned that it was going to be reminiscent of rice pudding (something I’ve never been a fan of), but I needn’t have worried. In fact, it didn’t really taste of anything, and I was so underwhelmed by it that I only made it the once. Edible, but in my opinion, not anything to write home about.

For lunch I had leftover stew with sweet potato fries and rice. I also kept my energy levels up during the day by snacking on figs, plums and an apple. Loving having so much fruit and vegetables in my diet at the moment!

Dinner consisted of fried chickpeas and onion, cooked in stock and served with broccoli, rice and sweet potato fries. An unconventional meal, perhaps, but delicious all the same!

I’m not sponsored by East End, but if you’re reading, I’m definitely not opposed to some kind of partnership!

Day 13:

After the previous day’s events, I elected to go for the tried and tested smoothie; banana, spinach, berries and flaxseed plus a cheeky dried fig!

I’d managed to buy some carrot spaghetti for 20p (I love a good bargain!) in the reduced section at Tesco’s and I fried these in the morning, along with some rice noodles and cooked chickpeas to have for lunch.

For dinner, I had some oven baked salmon, served with cabbage, onions, sweet potato and oven roasted butternut squash, cooked by my lovely mother!IMG_7028.jpg

Day 14:

Once again the day began with a smoothie, followed by a cup of ginger tea because variety is the spice of life.

Lunch was  leftover salmon and veg from the day before and was truly a lunch of kings. I’ve never had a problem with eating my vegetables, but I do feel like this process has encouraged me to eat more of them than I usually would, and that can only be a good thing!

For dinner, I had lettuce wraps with avocado and rice tortilla, as I had enjoyed the flavour combinations so much before.

That brings me to the end of the “elimination” phase of the diet. After this, I will be introducing various potential trigger food to see which affect me. Surprisingly, I’ve enjoyed the elimination phase, most likely simply because I was so excited to eat solid food again after the detox phase! However, I’m definitely looking forward to adding in potential trigger foods to my diet again, as I have greatly missed many of them!

Until next time!


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