Decathlon running calf sleeves review

For several years, I have witnessed other athletes using compression socks or sleeves either whilst running or after, to aid recovery. However, I didn’t actually bother to try them until about a month ago. I had to go to Decathlon to buy various items, and whilst I was there I found myself in their running socks section.

I have very small calves, and as compression socks have to be tight in order to work I decided to look for XS sized socks. On the particular day I was in the store they only had two types of compression sock available in my size; one was the most expensive (£44.99) and one was the Kalenji Kanergy Running Leg Sleeve. As the Kalenji leg sleeve retails at only £14.99 and I love a bargain, the choice seemed clear to me! I have used many of Decathlon’s own brand products before and so have complete faith in them.

I bought the blue and yellow pair, I would have preferred one of the other colours, but unfortunately these were the only ones available in my size.

please excuse my knees!


The information that comes along with the socks suggests that they are best used during the workout, however after trying them during a session and then after, I feel that I most benefited wearing them for recovery after. It’s not strictly what they advise, but it works for me! If I wear them during the day after a morning run or at night after an evening run, I find that my calves don’t cramp and my legs feel far less fatigued- highly important if like me you have to dance a lot!

I don’t think it’s terribly clear (or perhaps I’m just a bit dim), but there are markings on the sleeves to show you how to position them correctly. If you look in the photo above, you will see an L on the bottom of the sleeve on my left leg, to denote that it is the left sleeve. Seems obvious, but I didn’t notice it till the second time I wore them… Additionally, I only noticed two days ago that there are markings inside the sock to tell you which side is for the front and which side is for the back…oops! Still, they seemed to have worked fine, so I can’t imagine it affected the sleeve’s magical healing powers all that much.

it’s not that obvious in person!

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my first ever pair of compression sleeves. £14.99 seems like a perfectly reasonable amount to pay for less painful calves, and so far the socks have served me well. Like all items of clothing I care about (bras and sports bras mostly) I wash them by hand, and so far they don’t seem to have lost any of their elasticity, so I’m really happy with them. If you’re considering buying some compression wear but want something that won’t break the bank, I’d definitely recommend these!

Until next time!



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