Elimination diet: Citrus days 15-17

after eating a relatively bland diet for the previous 2 weeks, I was extremely excited to introduce citrus into my diet again. On the recommendation of the book, I bought some organic limes and tangerines to test my citrus tolerance.

Day 15

First I added some juice from the limes to a banana, kale, spinach, carrot and frozen berry smoothie. This tasted pleasant enough (I love sharp, sour flavours) but unfortunately, I found that I developed a severely sore throat about thirty minutes later.

To check that this wasn’t just a fluke reaction, I also added lime juice to a lettuce and rice tortilla wrap with avocado, and experienced the same symptom.

For dinner, I simply had some vegetable stew and rice.

Day 16

For breakfast, I had the same smoothie as the day before, but with the addition of chia seeds. I also had two tangerines as a mid morning snack, and you’ve guessed it- I developed a sore throat!

For lunch, I oven baked a whole sweet potato and had it with avocado, spinach and rice noodles. A seriously randomly thrown together meal, but it helped clear out the fridge that day and tasted great!

I went over to my parent’s house that night for dinner, so was extremely fortunate as I got to have roast chicken with broccoli, cabbage, pak choi, sweet potatoes and gravy!

Day 17

For breakfast, I fried some of the leftover vegetables from the night before (broccoli, cabbage, sweet potato) in a little coconut milk, to make my own leftover breakfast hash, and then had this with some rice.

I had two tangerines as a mid morning snack, followed by some leftover lettuce and avocado wraps (without lime!) for lunch.

For dinner, I had mushroom, carrot and cabbage soup, also made without citrus. Throughout the day I snacked on seeds, apples, plums and dried fruit.

Overall conclusions on citrus

After reintroducing citrus to my diet, I can say that I don’t believe it adversely affects my stomach in any way. However, what it does seem to do is inflame my oesophagus, which is already extremely sensitive due to my laryngopharyngeal reflux. This was not an unexpected result, but to prevent any damage to my throat, I will try to eliminate citrus from my diet (at least for the moment) and avoid generally acidic food stuffs.


Until next time!



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