Elimination diet: Nightshades days 18-20

Out of all the things I gave up, nightshades was one of the trickiest. I am a tomato fiend, and I’m also quite partial to sweet peppers, potatoes and aubergine (eggplant) so it saddened me not to be able to eat them (although I am pleased that it encouraged me to eat more sweet potato). For this reason, I was really excited to be able to introduce nightshades back into my diet.

Day 18

My book had mentioned that it was possible for someone to react to one type of nightshade but not another, and so I decided too introduce them separately to test for a reaction.

I began day 18 with some gravy and leftover boiled potatoes from the roast two days before (don’t judge!). I later went for a run and then had some soup, rice, and more potatoes. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, except that I felt very full, possibly just from eating too many potatoes. As a result, I only had a smoothie for dinner. I wouldn’t normally have something so unsubstantial to eat but I really didn’t feel like eating anything else but thought I should eat something. I also snacked during the day on fresh fruit, dried fruit and seeds.

Day 19

I began my day with a green smoothie, and a small handful of seeds and raisins. Nothing unusual to note here! For lunch, I grilled a turkey breast and served it with brown rice, aubergine, broccoli, cabbage and some mash made from sweet potatoes and cabbage. Absolutely delicious, though the turkey was possibly a tad overgrilled. For dinner, I made a soup from mushrooms, carrots, cabbage and potatoes, cooking the vegetables first before puréeing them. Also very tasty! I snacked similarly to the day before, and luckily felt no ill effects from the food.

Day 20

Day 20 also began with a smoothie (I’m noticing a theme here) and some (raw) sweet pepper. This was a common snack for me at parties as a child, and I’m still quite partial to it now. For lunch, I had lettuce wraps with rice tortillas and some cherry tomatoes, and I finished the day with some soup for dinner

Overall conclusions on nightshades

I was pretty nervous going into this about what my reaction would be, as tomatoes are quite often a trigger food for acid reflux sufferers. However, I was very relieved to notice no effect on either my throat or my digestive system from any of the nightshade family. Phew!

Onto the next food group!





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