2016: Resolutions and wishes!

Once again, I’ve made it to the start of another year with pretty much no idea where the time has gone! 2015 was a year of ups and downs, but I’d say on balance it was one of the best years of my life. Amongst other things, I started this blog and I’ve had such a great time working on it so far. Here are some of the other things I managed in 2015

  • to smash my old 5k PB and set a new one of 27.26!  I actually did this in August, the day before I injured my knee, and I’ve (obviously) not beaten it since. I’ve got close though, and I hope to smash it again in 2016
  • to smash my 10k PB. I was so upset about having to pull out of my planned 10k in October. Luckily, I managed to run the Mo Farah Olympic park 10k in December, and set a new PB of 57.43 which I was pleasantly surprised by
  • to get into drama school and survive the first term. I am still in some shock about this; it was bloody hard to get in and just as hard to remain there, and I consider each day I don’t get kicked out an achievement!
  • to get my splits for the first time in over a decade (after A LOT of daily practice) and my double pirouettes. I’m still a long way from being a “dancer” but it’s a good start!
  • to start and complete the elimination diet. Yes, I made it to the end, and yes I worked out some of my food triggers so expect some future posts on this topic!

Here are some of my resolutions for the new year:

  • to not stress out so much about following training plans religiously, just listen to my body and run when it feels right to do so
  • to be more aware of what’s in my food, rather than just eating processed food without a second thought
  • to give up dairy. A big one, but it triggers all kinds of unpleasant symptoms for me so I don’t really have much choice! I’ll elaborate more on this in a later post.
  • to cook or bake something new (i.e. something I’ve not attempted) each week. I’m trying to expand my repertoire of cooking and hopefully this will be a good way to do so! All recipes will be dairy free, and I’ll try to make as many of them vegan as possible

and here are some of the things you can expect from runandspoon this year:

  • more reviews! my recent stats report has shown that some of my most popular posts are reviews of races and products, so I intend to give you more of what you want to read!
  • more food posts! I’m going to document my new bakes/meals on the blog, in case any of you would like to try them as well
  • more running posts! I’ve got the bath half coming up in March, so nearer to the time expect lots of running themed posts!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas break, I’ll see you on my next post!


p.s. you can also expect stretching! Xmas jumpers are unlikely until December though…

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