(Vegan) Warming Winter Curry

For my second new meal I thought I’d go for something completely different (even though I quite fancied the idea of a vegan sourdough pizza…). I was on facebook when a ‘Deliciously Ella’ post popped up on my news feed. I received her eponymous book for Christmas but hadn’t actually made any of her recipes, but after seeing the picture of her curry on facebook and then reading the instructions and seeing just how easy it looked to make, I decided to give it a go.

It’s a pretty easy meal to cook, consisting mainly of carrots and potatoes with some cannellini beans and spinach thrown in for good measure. Once most everything is in the pot (except the beans and spinach) you can just leave it to cook for 45 minutes, leaving you free to do other things. I also added a bit of coriander to mine as I love the flavour of it, but obviously don’t do this if you’re one of the many who hate coriander! I used cannellini rather than haricot beans simply because I happened to have some, but I’m sure haricot beans would have worked just as well.

Nearly done!


It was pretty simple, so I don’t have a great deal more to say about this curry other than it was delicious, and the recipe made enough for a weeks worth of lunches for me! Paired with some brown rice it was a tasty and aromatic curry.

Preparation time: 5 minutes prep, 1 hour total cooking time

Difficulty to make: 1/10

Would I make it again: YES

Tune in next time for more recipe recommendations, elimination diet updates and running posts!



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