Elimination diet: Beef days 21-23

Day 21

Day 21 started off with a run, followed by a rather unconventional breakfast of sweet potato and carrot mash, homemade guacamole, cherry tomatoes and brown rice. Nothing to report here other than it being an odd breakfast! Lunch was a salad containing lettuce, cucumber, sweet peppers, tomato and sunflower seeds. For dinner, I roasted a butternut squash for 35 minutes until it was tender. I then used a fork to scrape out the flesh, creating spaghetti squash. My boyfriend had very kindly made a bolognese that evening so I was able to top my spaghetti squash with the sauce to gauge my reaction to beef.IMG_7101

Day 22

For breakfast I had green smoothie (spinach, bananas, berries and chia seeds). I then had a mid morning snack of seeds, raisins and an apple. For lunch I had some more of the sweet potato and carrot mash as well as some thick vegetable soup. My boyfriend had very kindly offered to cook a special dinner that night, so I left all evening meal prep up to him! We had rump steak, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato wedges and for desert I had a special apple crumble made by my mother! Absolutely delicious and I felt spoilt rotten!IMG_7105

Day 23

Day 23 also started off with a run, which was followed by a smoothie (kale, spinach, banana, berries and flaxseed) and my first attempt at creating allergy friendly pancakes from scratch! I used a combination of coconut flour and doves farm gluten free flour (the one found in most supermarkets), mixed with bananas and rice milk. I find coconut flour quite hard to work with as it’s quite sticky, but combined with another flour it’s consistency works well and I love the taste. For lunch I had stir fry with turkey, carrots, aubergine and rice noodles. Finally, I had leftover bolognese and spaghetti squash for dinner. IMG_7084

Overall conclusions on beef

I felt pretty good on these three days, bar having a slight sore throat on day 23 (which I attribute to being dehydrated). Having had both steak and mince and showing no signs of a reaction, I think it’s safe to assume that my body doesn’t seem to be having an adverse reaction to beef. Weirdly though, I didn’t miss having it in my diet as much as I thought I would. Strange!

Onto the next food type!



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