Raw brownies

For my third meal, I thought I’d go for something sweet as a change. Growing up I always had a massive sweet tooth and loved chocolate, cakes and bakes! Since giving up dairy I’ve obviously not been able to snack as easily on baked goods as before, but I am trying to see this as a blessing as it’s encouraging me to expand my cooking and baking skills! As I mentioned previously I got the Deliciously Ella book for Christmas so I thought I’d give another one of her recipes a try. I decided to try her Raw Brownies recipe after working an evening shift as it was quick, involved only 4 ingredients (pecans, cacao powder, dates and optional maple syrup) and didn’t require baking.

The recipe actually asked for medjool dates, but the shop I went to was out of them so I just used regular pitted dates which I soaked in water for 5 minutes before hand to get them to be more moist. With hindsight they probably could have done with a bit longer in the water, perhaps 10 minutes, but they still worked well. The recipe also says to blend your ingredients in a food processor (which I don’t own). I attempted to mix some of them in my nutribullet along with a little water as the nutribullet is really for making smoothies and not for mixing solid mixtures. It half mixed the ingredients, after which I decided to set the mixture as it was, lumps of dates et all (I didn’t want the nutribullet to overheat!). I put it in a tray and left it in the fridge overnight.

unphotogenic brownies ft. dates

 The next day, I encountered this deliciously gooey and chocolatey concoction! I absolutely loved the flavours, but I felt I could improve on the texture next time by using a food processor which would result in me a)not having to add any water to the mixture so the brownies would be slightly more set and b) by being able to blend the dates finer into the fixture. This isn’t a big problem per say, it just meant there was the occasional large lump of date in the mixture and that the brownies could have done with slightly more structural integrity. However, I am very pleased with how they turned out as a prototype set, and I think it went pretty well for a first go. I took mine to drama school and shared them amongst my friends and later with my family and they went down a treat so I can’t wait to perfect them and bring them more!

Preparation time: 10 minutes pre-prep (only if you need to soak dates), 5 minutes mixing, 3 hours+ refrigeration

Difficulty to make: 0.5/10 – pretty bloody easy!

Would I make it again: YES





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