Almond butter fudge

We’re fast approaching the end of January, and I’ve reached week four of the runandspoon food challenge. Last week I mentioned my sweet tooth, and I thought I’d carrying on feeding it by making fudge! This week I decided to make almond butter fudge, again using a Deliciously Ella recipe (available in the book but not online). As with last week, I was drawn to the simplicity of the method and the ingredients required.

This recipe required dates, almond butter, coconut oil and raw cacao powder. Once again I used regular dates instead of medjool dates as they were all I had. I also used a regular blender rather than a proper food processor; unfortunately I simply can’t afford a majimix, no matter how much Ella sings its praises! To combat this, I cooked my dates for twice as long as the recipe recommended, to make them extra soft and easier to blend. If you’re in a similar situation, I would recommend you doing the same and blending the dates in small amounts to allow your blender to do the best possible job.

I put it in the freezer overnight to set, and cut up half of it in the morning to take to drama school with me. Despite it being kept in a fridge all day the fudge pieces had a soft squidgey texture, which I would attribute to the additional liquid I had to add to my mixture. Without it, it simply wouldn’t have blended (just like last week), and again this meant it didn’t set quite as well as it ought to have.

Regardless, I loved the taste (it’s extremely moreish!) and again they went down a treat amongst my friends. I’m looking forward to making these again 😀

Preparation time: 10 minutes cooking, 5 minutes mixing + freezing time

Difficulty to make: 2/10

Would I make it again: YES


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