The January Roundup

Shockingly, it’s the end of January and I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone! Here’s a brief summary of my month.

Return to drama school!

I returned to drama school in early January and there was no easing myself back into it; the work was as heavy as ever. Of course I love being there, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, but it certainly is hard work!


In my first ballet class back I was over enthusiastically doing grand battements when I felt a twinge in the front of my right thigh. I just assumed that I had pushed my leg a bit too far and figured it would heal on its own fairly quickly. With hindsight, it was probably an error to parkrun on it the next day…I was in a lot of pain (and was about a minute off my PB) and given how my leg felt after it wasn’t worth doing that to it! Since then, I’ve been instructed not to run on it (sob) and I’m praying it heals soon so I can get back to training for the Bath Half. Fingers crossed 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Making new things

I’ve been keeping up with my food challenge well so far, having made two savoury and now two sweet foods. I’ve particularly enjoyed making (and eating) the brownies and fudge as my acid reflux always used to stop me enjoying chocolate  so it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy it again.

Signed up for Tough Mudder! 

This is probably the most major change to have happened this month. Together with my boyfriend and three of our mates, we will be tackling the Cirencester course in August. Even though I’ve completed two obstacle courses before, I’ve always been a bit fearful of Tough Mudder so it’ll be great to finally tackle and defeat it!

That’s about it for January, hope yours have all gone well!



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