Vegan blackberry, apple and maple crumble 

As I’d had such success with deliciously Ella’s brownie and fudge recipes, I thought I’d give another dessert a go. This time, I decided I wanted to make something that wasn’t raw and didn’t require freezing, and I decided to make a crumble!

The instructions were simple enough to follow, and I was able to use the milling blade of my nutribullet to grind up the almonds into a flour. The only modification I made to her recipe was to use various summer fruits (from the tesco frozen section) rather than just blackberries. As I used frozen fruits here rather than fresh (it’s the wrong season unfortunately!), I did find that there was some excess water when cooking the fruits. However, I was able to remedy this by simply cooking it for a few minutes longer. Once the fruit was soft I transferred it to the baking dish, and I found I still had a small amount of excess liquid left. I disposed of it, but with hindsight I ought to have held onto it and added slightly more to my crumble, as it was almost too crumbly when it emerged out of the oven. This will be a change to implement next time and perfect!


Preparation time: 10 minutes pre-prep (milling almonds, peeling, coring and chopping apples), 15 minutes stewing fruit,  25 minutes in the oven

Difficulty to make: 5/10, not complicated but takes some time and needs watching

Would I make it again: YES- I want to get this perfect now!



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