Vegan Bolognese

Last week, I went to wholefoods for the first time (yes, I know!) and purchased some soya mince. I didn’t really have a specific idea at the time of what I wanted to do with it, I just knew I wanted to attempt cooking with it. After a hard day of rehearsals at drama school I came home, looked in my fridge and decided I didn’t fancy any of the food that was already there. I then looked at the mince, realised I had all the other ingredients required for a bolognese and set to making one.

I used a recipe from “The Gourmet Vegan” and bar leaving out a few veggies that I don’t like (celery, parsnips, mushrooms and peas) and adding some extra spinach, I followed the recipe pretty carefully; taking the time to make the sofrito and following all the other timings listed in the method. I felt that this was particularly important as I hadn’t cooked with soya mince before and so didn’t want to do it wrong and finish with an inedible meal!

Whilst it was slightly more time consuming than some other recipes I have followed recently, I believe the payoff was completely worth it. The overall taste of the sauce was pleasing, and worked well when combined with fusilli pasta and some Chinese cabbage (I am all about the extra veggies!). Of course, soya mince is not going to taste like beef/lamb/pork/quorn mince for the simple reason that it isn’t them, but it works really well in a bolognese and I think I might actually prefer it…On top of the obviously cruelty free benefits, it is also significantly healthier (unless you have a problem with soya, obviously) and cheaper; I only used 1/4 of the packet to make enough bolognese for 4 servings and the packet of mince cost ~£3, which no doubt could be sourced at a cheaper price than that of whole foods.

Overall, I’m really pleased a)with how tasty this meal was and b) with how easy soya mince is to cook with. Surprises all round!


Preparation time: 50 minutes total for the bolognese
Difficulty: 2/10
Would I make this again?: A resounding yes!

Until next time!



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