Potato and aubergine curry

I felt like I ought to make another savoury meal so as not to consume too many sweet things this week (though I have already made another peanut butter mug cake since last weeks post… don’t judge!). During rehearsals this week I had been really craving an aubergine and potato curry so I decided to attempt to make one.

After a quick online search I came across a recipe for Ringna bateta nu shak (or potato and aubergine curry) from givemesomespice. It looked quick, easy and tasty and required only ingredients that I already had in the kitchen. This is always a massive plus to me as it saves me having to remember to buy ingredients (I have a terrible short term memory and frequently forget!), and obviously saved me the expense of having to purchase them.

The recipe was simple enough to follow and the only substitutes I made were adding a small sweet potato in addition to the potatoes, using chopped tomatoes instead of passata (I just prefer the taste) and using frozen coriander rather than fresh. I served it with a bread roll and white rice, for the simple reason that it is so much quicker to cook than brown rice and I didn’t want to wait. I really enjoyed this curry and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in trying it!

Preparation time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: 2/10
Would I make this again?: Yes, absolutely!


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