Easy vegan carrot cake

To celebrate Easter and the end of another long term at drama school I decided to make a cake! I’d not made a proper cake in quite some time and hadn’t ever made any kind of vegan cake before so I expected quite a challenge!

Many vegan baking recipes that I have looked at in the past require very complicated or expensive ingredients, so I opted for a recipe from the vegan society which contained only ingredients that I had in my kitchen anyway.  Although the recipe said to bake for 45 minutes at 190C followed by a further 30 minutes at 160C, I checked the cake after only 40 minutes and found it was done. I always take baking times with a pinch of salt as it can vary so much from one oven to another and would definitely advise anyone following the recipe to do the same.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my first attempt at a vegan cake. The resulting cake was moist, delicious and went down a treat amongst the other students at my drama school when I took it in. If I had to change one thing, I would probably reduce the amount of raisins in it and increase the amount of carrots, but that’s just a personal preference.

Preparation time: around 10 minutes pre-prep and 40 minutes baking time
Difficulty: 3/10
Would I make this again?: Yes, with some slight modifications



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