The March Roundup

These months seem to be going past quicker and quicker- I can’t quite believe it’s the end of March already! I’m currently on my Easter break, although I am still working, and enjoying the lovely weather London is (currently) experiencing. Here’s a summary of the events of the past month:

Drama School

I spent a large part of March taking part in workshop performance of a musical at my drama school, and much to my surprise I was selected to be one of a group of dancers with an extra solo containing a large amount of kicks! I’ve briefly touch on the fact that I am not a dancer before, so no-one was more shocked than me that I was picked. Now that I’ve been through the process of rehearsals and performance and have managed not to mortally wound myself or anyone else I can look back on the experience and see how much it has improved my confidence. As cheesy as it is, I hope I’ll look back on this moment and see it as a pivotal one in which I actually started to believe in myself and my own abilities. At the very least, I’m pleased this didn’t happen…

granted the routine didn’t involve any somersaults, but I still could have fallen on my face!


Unfortunately, running has had to be put on the back burner this month. I mentioned last month about having to pull out of the Bath Half, and although I was understandably upset about this I’m now able to see that training for a HM is not terribly compatible with my physical workload at drama school. Of course, both my course and body are different to others so this may not be the case for you but just be aware that a) it might all be too much and b) it’s okay not to do everything all at once! About a week and a half ago I also managed to injure my foot, and I’m still not entirely sure what I’ve done to it. This is quite frustrating as I was planning on getting back into running over the course of the Easter holidays but I’m currently unable to. I’m seeing my physio next week and crossing my fingers that it’s nothing serious and I can get back to running soon. I’m hoping that I can run another 10k soon as it’s my favourite distance, so watch this space!


This was a pretty good month for the food challenge, with my favourite challenge probably being the carrot cake! I’ve felt really inspired to make all of March’s recipes and have been so pleased that they have been so positively received by both my readers and those who actually tasted them! Love to you all! ❤

……and introducing a new discussion category:

Human(s) of the month

Jointly awarded to my dad and sister for completing the Bath Half so brilliantly!

Dad is a running pro with countless HMs under his belt and he’s added to that collection by finishing the Bath Half in 1:52:06. Excellent job dad!

Jess finished her first ever HM which is a huge achievement in itself but she also did it in 2:08:11 which is bloody brilliant AND in fancy dress! Clearly running 13.1 miles wasn’t enough of a challenge on its own… She was running to raise money for Meningitis Now, which is a wonderful charity with a cause very close to our hearts. If any of you would like to donate to Jess’s fundraising page it would be greatly appreciated as it will help vital support and research for those affected by this terrible disease.

Congratulations! I’m so proud of you both, and just sad that I couldn’t be there, running along with you!


That’s about all for this month, I hope you’ve all had a pleasant March and I hope April is even better! Until next time!



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