Sweet potato pancakes

I was flicking through my copy of Deliciously Ella this week looking for a new recipe to try when I stumbled upon one for “Sweet potato pancakes“. This seemed like a perfect fit for this weeks food challenge as I love pancakes, I love sweet potato and I haven’t attempt a breakfast yet on the food challenge so this seemed like a good opportunity to do so. The description of the pancakes sounded mouth watering, the pictures in the book looked wonderful and the pancakes themselves only contained 5 ingredients. They were gluten, sugar, egg and dairy free as well as being high in protein.

The ingredients were sweet potatoes, oat milk, brown rice flour, ground cinnamon and honey but I substituted the honey with maple syrup. As always, because my food processor is not as high powered as some, I had to add more liquid to my mixture than stated to get the ingredients to blend adequately. Once I did this, I cooked my pancakes according to the instructions, which was by far the easiest part of the whole method. I topped them with half a stewed apple.

To be quite frank, these pancakes just didn’t do anything for me. I was slightly sceptical about the flavours of the ingredients working well together but that actually wasn’t the problem I had with them. I think that my dislike of them stemmed from the use of the brown rice flour as it has a texture that I haven’t found palatable since I started cooking with it on the elimination diet. Perhaps if I used plain flour (since I have no problem tolerating wheat) I would find them more appetising, but then the pancakes would lose some of their health benefits. It’s disappointing as I had high hopes for these, but then you can’t enjoy everything!


Preparation time: around 15 minutes pre-prep, 5 minutes blending, 6 minutes cooking of each pancake

Difficulty: 5/10
Would I make this again?: No, these just weren’t my cup of tea.



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