Easy quinoa with sautéed veggies

I’ve been trying to clear through some of the older stuff in my kitchen cupboards and came across a half finished bag of quinoa that had been in there for months. I figured that now was as good a time as any to cook it, so I went searching for a recipe in one of my recipe books that I could use. It was already approaching lunchtime so having it as a breakfast meal seemed out of the question and eventually I settled on a recipe in my Deliciously Ella book called “Easy Quinoa with sautéed veggies“. I can’t seem to find this recipe anywhere online, just in the grains section of the Deliciously Ella book so unfortunately I can’t link it here. The recipe only calls for quinoa, lemon juice, tamari, vegetables of your choice, olive oil, tahini and seasoning.

As soon as I started preparing the quinoa for cooking, I was reminded of why I don’t normally bother to cook quinoa; I find rinsing it to be the most tedious task. Some grains get stuck in the sieve, and some go straight through. No matter how meticulously I try to wash the quinoa, I always feel like I’m wasting lots of grains. Despite my protestations, I always enjoy actually eating the quinoa so it does end up being worth it in the end. It’s very easy to cook (as the recipe name suggests) and the sautéed veggies added a lovely flavour to the quinoa. I opted to use broccoli and carrots rather than courgettes, and I felt like these veggies really worked in the mixture.


Preparation time: about 5 minutes pre-prep, 5 minutes to sautée the vegetables and around 20 minutes to cook the quinoa

Difficulty: 4/10 (mostly attributed to the fiddliness of washing quinoa)

Would I make this again?: Yes, this was a tasty and filling meal!

Until next time!



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