Sweet potato quesidillas

Earlier this week I found myself with a massive craving for Mexican food and I thought, why not try and incorporate this into this week’s food challenge? I looked online to get some inspiration and meal ideas, and came across the vegetarian times’s recipe for Sweet Potato Quesidillas. Quesadilla has always been a favourite meal of mine (and I am a sweet potato addict), so I thought the recipe would provide a perfect opportunity to combine two of my interests. Prior to following this recipe, I had never attempted to grate a sweet potato and wasn’t actually aware that it was possible to do so. The grating was arguably the most arduous part of the whole process; it took quite some time to grate an entire large sweet potato and it generated a fair amount of mess. I don’t particularly like sweetcorn, so I left that out of my recipe, but otherwise I followed it as written.

I had high hopes for this meal, but sadly I was disappointed with my end product. I think this can be attributed to having the sweet potato in grated form; I simply didn’t enjoy its texture as much as I normally would. Had I par boiled chunks of sweet potato and then cooked them in the oven the flavours and texture would have been much more appetising, even though this would have taken much longer.

Preparation time: about 10 minutes pre-prep, 20 minutes cooking the filling and then 6 minutes cooking the tortillas wraps

Difficulty: 5/10 (mostly due to tedious grating of potato)

Would I make this again?: No, I think I prefer to prepare and cook sweet potato in other ways

Until next time! 



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