Vegan banana bread!

I find it slightly amusing to look through my instagram and see just how many of my recipes contain bananas, be they smoothies or pancakes, since I absolutely loathed them until recently. It therefore surprises me that a) I decided to make banana bread and b) that I actually enjoyed it!

I used a recipe from bbc good food for vegan banana bread and it was really easy to follow. I didn’t add the optional dried fruit or nuts and I used 60g of brown sugar rather than the 100g stated in the recipe, but other than that I followed the recipe as it was written. My boyfriend was using the loaf tin to make a banana bread of his own, so I used a lasagna dish which resulted in my bread being slightly wider and less tall than a traditional loaf. However, it still tasted absolutely delicious and went down a treat with my family!

stupidly forgot to take a picture of it before I had cut it up! 

Preparation time: about 5 minutes pre-prep and 20 minutes baking

Difficulty: 3/10; just watch the timings as all ovens are different!

Would I make this again?: Absolutely!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, well done to any of you who were running in the Marathon today!

Until next time!



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