Peanut butter and veggie stir fry

For this week’s food challenge I decided to do something a bit different and just wing it, throwing together different ingredients that were just lying around together sans recipe! I had some cabbage and broccoli that needed to be used up as well as a half full packet of soba noodles that had been in the kitchen for a while. I decided the best way to use these up was to incorporate them into a veggie-heavy stir fry. Stir frys were a staple of my student diet as an undergrad, so it’s quite nice to have them make a comeback now!

I started by steaming the broccoli and cabbage for about 4 minutes, and boiling my soba noodles for 4 minutes as well. Whilst they were cooking I chopped up 2 spring onions and gently fried them in stir fry oil until they were just starting to brown. I added a little soy sauce to the spring onions, before adding the broccoli and cabbage, followed by the noodles and began to stir fry the mixture. After cooking the mixture for a few minutes, I added several small dollops of smooth peanut butter (whole earth, to be specific but totalling no more than about 1 tbs) and melted then slowly incorporated them into the mixture, adding more soy sauce to taste.

I ended up with a healthy, quick, tasty and incredibly filling stir fry. This is definitely one to do to use up those ingredients in a hurry!


Preparation time: about 1 minute pre-prep, 4 minutes boiling/steaming and 5 minutes frying

Difficulty: 2/10, just watch you don’t burn the mixture

Would I make this again?: Yes!


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