Vegan chocolate oreo brownies!

Apologies again for the lateness of this post, but it’s been a stupidly hectic week and things are only just starting to calm down now. I decided that I could do with a nice treat to make up for a stressful week so decided to indulge and make some chocolate brownies. I searched online for a simple recipe and found one on

I modified this recipe, putting only 100g of sugar in the mixture (I don’t like overly sickly desserts), 200ml of oil (the mixture seemed moist enough) but also crumbling 6 ore0s in the mixture to give it an extra kick! I baked them for 20 minutes in the oven, in a pizza dish as it was the only dish I could find that was the right size!

I baked it for 20 minutes and the resulting brownie looked like this:

It wasn’t as gooey as I hoped so I think next time I would increase the oil content and bake it for slightly less time, however this still turned out really well and was enjoyed by me and my family! I’d definitely recommend adding in oreos to the mixture, if you’re a fan of them- they just add something else to the texture and flavour of it!

Preparation time: 5 minutes measuring and mixing, 20 minutes baking and 10 minutes cooling

Difficulty: 4/10. Just need to mix it until the correct consistency is achieved and then bake it till you’re happy!

Would I make this again?: Yes definitely! Already contemplating my next attempt!



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