Aubergine, butternut squash and tofu in spicy miso

This week’s food challenge marked a departure from recent style. Firstly, it was a savoury meal and secondly I actually followed the ingredients and instructions right down to the T!

I found the recipe in the readers’ recipe swap section of guardian food, and after buying some miso paste, aubergine and a butternutsquash from the supermarket (all other ingredients were already in the kitchen) I decided to make it. It’s a pretty easy recipe to follow, the marinade just involves mixing the ingredients at once and then setting aside, and roasting the vegetables and tofu was as easy as anything too. Peeling a butternut squash is a tedious task, which I suspect I will never learn to enjoy, but it was worth it for the meal I ended up with in the end.

I cooked and served this meal to my boyfriend and my father who both surprisingly enjoyed it. I’m always a tad nervous about cooking something new for other people in case it turns out terribly but the flavours went down a treat. I served it alongside sticky white rice which complemented the flavours of the sauce perfectly. I’d also never cooked with tofu before and nearly didn’t include it in the meal, but ultimately decided to in order to bulk up the meal and add some protein. This was definitely a good shout as it made the meal more filling, and if you have some available I’d advise anyone making this recipe to do the same.

Admittedly it’s not the most photogenic of meals, but it was easy to make, reasonably healthy, filling and most importantly tasty!


Preparation time: 5 minutes peeling vegetables, 5 minutes making marinade, 30 minutes oven roasting vegetables

Difficulty: 3/10, peeling a butternut squash can be tough and fiddly but is not that difficult ultimately. As long as you keep an eye on your veggies, you’re unlikely to burn them

Would I make this again?: Yes definitely! This would make a nice and very different lunch to bring into drama school!



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