Vegan wholewheat pizza (with butternut squash!) 

I had a sudden craving for a homemade pizza, but the only bread flour I could find in the cupboard was wholewheat. I’d never baked with it before, so decided I’d take up the challenge and come up with a new recipe!

This post has been extremely delayed as I could not, for the life of me find the source of the recipe. Luckily, I managed to rediscover it this morning after reading multiple pizza dough recipes. I used this one from the kitchen shed as it looked simple and only required five ingredients (wholewheat flour, yeast, salt, olive oil and water).

I don’t make pizza dough all that often, I rarely work with wholewheat flour and I’d (obviously) never made a wholewheat pizza from scratch before so I was a tad nervous, but I needn’t have worried as it was really easy to do. I don’t know whether it was just me or whether this is typical of wholewheat dough, but I found when I left it to prove that it didn’t increase in size as much as a dough made with white flour would. I also found it a bit harder to actually work with than white dough when actually constructing the pizzas as it seemed to be more susceptible to tearing when trying to roll it out.

Whilst my dough was proving, I carved up some butternut squash and roasted it. By the time my pizzas were ready to go into the oven, I was able to top them with the butternut squash  which was an unexpectedly nice pizza topping- definitely one I’ll use again! Two minutes before the pizza was ready I also threw some spinach and avocado on top, for just long enough to warm without burning.


Using wholewheat flour gave the pizza a lovely extra flavour and also made me feel like it was (*slightly*) healthier. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out. I’m definitely not an expert at making pizzas but that is something that can only improve with time!

Preparation time: 15 minutes cleaning surfaces, combining ingredients and working dough. 30 minutes proving. 15 minutes cooking in oven (1 hour total)

Difficulty: 4/10. hand-stretching this dough is awkward but it is a task I’ve always found tricky

Would I make this again?: Yes definitely! Actually tempted to do so this week…




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