Fears and Tough Mudder!

This is going to be more of a summary of my feelings about Tough Mudder than a race report though I can produce one of those as well if you enjoy this!

On Saturday 20th August, I completed the Tough Mudder South West course along with my 5 team mates. I am still surprised that I am able to write those words and that they are true, given how doubtful I was that I would be able to complete the course! these doubts were  due to my fear of “scary” obstacle races, my fear of being the weakest member of the team and my lack of specialised training.

The training is completely my own fault- I found it hard to juggle my drama school schedule with training. Also when I did run, I probably ought to have been doing more interval training rather than the straight runs I was doing as this would have better prepared me for the conditions at Tough Mudder. Something to keep in mind for next time!

However, my other two fears are a) ones that I have mentioned before and b) something that I think doing Tough Mudder has helped with. I know now that I am stronger than I think and that I need to stop my fears holding me back.

It seems silly saying this now but I was so nervous on the Saturday that I felt physically sick before the race, right up until I began running (and then I suppose the adrenaline and muscle aches took over). From then on, my mental tactic was to take the race one obstacle and one mile at a time. This worked quite well for me and meant that I wasn’t thinking about how much further I had to go, just how far I had gone. There were several obstacles that I needed support from my team on…. and also ones where I received help from strangers and helped others too. That really was the thing I loved most about Tough Mudder, that it brought together like minded people and got you all to work together.

After having completed it I felt so proud of myself and my team and I can honestly say that I understand why people keep going back and running the courses time and time again. I definitely want to be among them, and I’m looking forward to my next Tough Mudder and seeing what I can achieve when I feel secure in myself.

Until next time!

run and spoon



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