The Autumn roundup

Whilst I enjoy reading other bloggers weekly/monthly summaries, I feel that me providing the exact same style of posts here isn't beneficial to me or you, given that my weeks are currently so structurally similar. I definitely like the idea of surmising what has developed over a longer period of time (like a season), and …

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Introduction to the Elimination diet!

As I've mentioned on multiple occasions, I suffer with a condition called laryngopharyngeal reflux (sometimes known as silent reflux). Essentially, a mixture of my food and stomach acid occasionally travels back up my throat after I've eaten. As you would expect, this causes a variety of problems as the delicate tissues in your throat are …

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A day in the life of a Musical Theatre student!

I've been at drama school studying Musical Theatre for just over a month now, and the best way for me to describe it is INTENSE! I know that each drama school and their course are very different, but I thought it might be interesting for you to see what a typical day for me looks like! …

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