Decathlon running calf sleeves review

For several years, I have witnessed other athletes using compression socks or sleeves either whilst running or after, to aid recovery. However, I didn't actually bother to try them until about a month ago. I had to go to Decathlon to buy various items, and whilst I was there I found myself in their running …

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Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra review

You'll know from reading previous posts, that I'm a big fan of Shock Absorber's sports bras. As they last for so long, my ones from 3 years ago are still going strong, so I've not had much cause to buy new ones. However, I decided to treat myself, because what else encourages you to work …

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The sports bra issue- Shock Absorber review

This is a review, primarily for all you fellow lucky ladies out there, who like me are somewhat "gifted in the chest department". Whilst finding regular bras, swimwear and clothing to fit your figure can be extremely challenging at the best of times, in my opinion, the humble sports bra presents even more of a …

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