Run and Spoon turns 1!

It's a cliché, but I am truly shocked about how quickly this year has past by! When I wrote my first post a year ago, I never would have imagined that I would keep this writing lark up (well, for the most part...) and that I would grow so much as a person over the following …

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Falling off the wagon (and climbing back on again)

If you've been paying attention to my recents blogs you'll see that they've been somewhat sparse recently. This has been down to a combination of a massively increased workload from drama school as well as the recent stress of moving house. A lot of my stuff is still in boxes, including most of my cooking …

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Acupuncture review- Dr Michael Curtin

Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely people at Dr Michael Curtin's acupuncture clinic in Harley Street, and offered a treatment session to review on here. Prior to this, I had no experience of acupuncture and knew very little about it, other than it involved being poked with needles, so I was …

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