Fears and Tough Mudder!

This is going to be more of a summary of my feelings about Tough Mudder than a race report though I can produce one of those as well if you enjoy this! On Saturday 20th August, I completed the Tough Mudder South West course along with my 5 team mates. I am still surprised that …

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Race Review- Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest London 2015

After running Rough Runner together in July, the boyfriend and I found ourselves well and truly bitten by the obstacle racing bug. As the scratches, bruising and general muscle soreness that accompanies these races impacts on my general running training, and I was planning on running a 10k in October, we decided not to book …

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Decathlon running calf sleeves review

For several years, I have witnessed other athletes using compression socks or sleeves either whilst running or after, to aid recovery. However, I didn't actually bother to try them until about a month ago. I had to go to Decathlon to buy various items, and whilst I was there I found myself in their running …

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