Aubergine, butternut squash and tofu in spicy miso

This week's food challenge marked a departure from recent style. Firstly, it was a savoury meal and secondly I actually followed the ingredients and instructions right down to the T! I found the recipe in the readers' recipe swap section of guardian food, and after buying some miso paste, aubergine and a butternutsquash from the …

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Elimination diet: Citrus days 15-17

after eating a relatively bland diet for the previous 2 weeks, I was extremely excited to introduce citrus into my diet again. On the recommendation of the book, I bought some organic limes and tangerines to test my citrus tolerance. Day 15 First I added some juice from the limes to a banana, kale, spinach, …

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Elimination diet: days 8-14

Day 8: Breakfast was the usual smoothie (banana, cucumber, spinach, frozen berries and flaxseed), as I wanted something light to balance out my feeling of overindulgence from the night before. My digestive system felt largely fine, although I did experience a slight sore throat in the morning. For lunch, I had some home-made vegetable soup, along …

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