Peanut butter and veggie stir fry

For this week's food challenge I decided to do something a bit different and just wing it, throwing together different ingredients that were just lying around together sans recipe! I had some cabbage and broccoli that needed to be used up as well as a half full packet of soba noodles that had been in …

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Vegan banana bread!

I find it slightly amusing to look through my instagram and see just how many of my recipes contain bananas, be they smoothies or pancakes, since I absolutely loathed them until recently. It therefore surprises me that a) I decided to make banana bread and b) that I actually enjoyed it! I used a recipe …

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Vegan blueberry and banana pancake recipe

It's not escaped me that most of my popular posts on Instagram   have been pictures of pancakes, and after the popularity of this recent pancake post I thought it was about time I shared my pancake recipe! My recipe is one adapted from a site called which unfortunately is unavailable at the moment. Originally I …

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